Helpful Links

Suggested News Sources

We’ve all heard the term “fake news.” In the age of the internet, determine what sources of news are trustworthy can be difficult. Below is a list of recommended sources that are liberal and/or have quality content:

The Economist – excellent, factual, and very liberal-centrist, requires a subcription

BBC News – quite factual and moderate

The New York Times – quite factual, though at times slightly more left-leaning

Reuters – very factual and moderate

The Wall Street Journal – generally reliable, though it leans slightly too far right

The Guardian – generally reliable, slight left-leaning stance

NPR – great for listening on the radio

Information on Economics

Everyone seems to have an opinion about economics, but very few actually understand this science. What do the experts really think?

IGM Forum – releases polls of professional economists, an excellent resource

Information on Climate Science

This is a divisive topic, which is a shame because climate action should be a bipartisan process.

Skeptical Science – helps bring the peer-reviewed science down to layman’s terms

Trends, Stats, and Polls

Where are things headed? What do people think? These links help explain and discuss trends relating to politics and society at large.

Pew Research Center – has interesting social data and analysis

Gallup – has interesting social data and analysis

Five Thirty Eight – interesting stats and discussions, also does sports

Real Clear Politics – huge resource with stats and links to political articles