About Me

I’m just an American citizen trying to do their best to mend the political polarization plaguing my country. I am not a politician, nor an economist, nor a political scientist. I am just passionate about my ideology and wish to improve the world. Unfortunately, I wish to remain anonymous as the nature of political blogging can sometimes lead to harassment and threats. Hopefully this situation may someday change with improved discourse.

You may be curious about where I stand politically. If my articles do not explain it succinctly, then I thought I’d explain using results from a political ideology test. Now, there are lots of political ideology quizzes online, but many suffer from serious problems. This is one of the better ones. Below are my results:


Apparently I value equality and markets about evenly, world over nation, liberty over authority, and progress over tradition. “Social libertarianism” is a vague descriptor, but I suppose it means I am more libertarian on social issues and centrist on economic ones.